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Program Requirements

To be eligible for SBD, projects must be:

  • At a point where the customer can be influenced by the program’s offerings and incentives to implement energy efficient design alternatives in place of their current or conceived designs.
  • Located in the service territory of a participating Utility and subject to payment of PPPC for electric service and/or the gas surcharge for gas service.
  • Within the definition of new construction.

Projects may be deemed ineligible for SBD incentives if:

  1. The project is determined as a free-rider (see definition above)
  2. The project results in negative energy or the Database for Energy Efficiency Resources (DEER) peak demand savings
  3. The project received incentives for the same measures from another Utility incentive rebate source
  4. The project does not present a Net Potential Benefit to the Rate Payer
  5. Redirected by the SBD Representative to other incentive offerings
  6. The customer is unable to provide proof of permit closure documentation required by Senate Bill 1414 (applicable for projects including HVAC).

To participate in the Program, the building Owner must adhere to the following requirements:

  • He or she cannot be a free-rider
  • Must be willing to consider the analysis recommendations
  • Attend a meeting with the Design Team to discuss the viability of implementing various energy efficiency strategies
  • Sign the Owner Agreement offered by the SBD Representative

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