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How To Apply?

Pre-Design Phase

  • Contact an SBD Representative as early in the project as possible
  • Work with your SBD Representative to incorporate language about achieving or surpassing SBD energy efficiency and sustainability goals into the Request for Proposals (RFP) and Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR)

Schematic Design & Design Development Phases

  • Include a SBD Representative at a design kick-off meeting or sustainability charrette
  • Conduct “simple-box” energy modeling studies to compare design alternatives and to optimize key parameters such as insulation, building form and massing, etc. – SBD can assist with these studies
  • Compare energy efficient design options and conduct cost/benefit analysis – SBD can assist with this analysis

Construction Documents Phase

  • Prepare a Whole Building Report and associated documentation as needed. Contact an SBD Representative for full document requirements
  • As the project nears bidding and plan check, provide final drawings and energy model to the SBD Representative for Participation and Project Approval

Construction Phase

  • Document the impact of SBD incentives during any Value Engineering processes, if applicable
  • Provide schedule updates to the SBD Representative

Post-Construction Phase

  • Incentives provided following post-installation inspection. Final incentives subject to as-built design revisions

Contact an SBD Representative

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