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Application Process

In order to begin the process

  • Owners or other project representatives initiate contact with a SBD Representative (or vice versa) – OR –
  • A Design Team initiates contact with a SBD Representative (or vice versa) indicating that they have a Customer who is interested in participating in the program
  1. Once contact has been made, the Owner submits a completed Participation Letter, Project Information Form, or Program Application (using the appropriate form[s] provided by the Utility) indicating their interest in the program. When applicable, the Design Team must complete a Design Team Application during the conceptual or schematic design phase to establish their interest in participating. The Design Team Application will be reviewed and approved by the Utility.
  2. A SBD Representative will hold a meeting with the Owner/Owner’s Representative and the Design Team to explain the program’s policies and procedures.
  3. A SBD Representative will work with participants to determine which program path (Whole Building Approach [WBA] or SA to take. The SBD Representative or Design Team will then use an array of tools and energy models to help the customer cost-effectively optimize the EE of the project. Specific design assistance services will depend on the program path selected.
  4. After the customer has been persuaded by the program offerings and incentives to select the recommended EE enhancements, the Owner or Design Team will submit final plans, energy calculations (conducted using program-approved software), incremental costs, and other design documents to the SBD Representative for the Utility to review. If applicable, the Design Team will provide documentation of its interactions with the Customer and present evidence of how they worked on behalf of the program to influence the customer’s decisions to install energy efficient design options.
  5. The SBD Representative reviews and approves the project and issues an Agreement to the Owner/Design Team delineating the proposed project details, estimated incentive amounts, and terms and conditions.
    The Owner (and Design Team leader, if applicable) signs, dates, and returns the Agreement to the SBD Representative. By signing the Agreement, the Owner acknowledges that they have read and agree to all program eligibility requirements. Receipt and approval of the incentive agreement from the Utility indicate funds have been reserved for the project for a period of up to 48 months. Program funding is “first-come, first-served.” The Owner must agree that they will not apply for or receive any other incentive funded by the PPPC for the same measures covered under their SBD incentive agreement or any other incentive source identified by the program’s policy and procedures.
  6. Once construction is substantially complete, the Owner or Owner’s representative must submit requested documents (for example, approved construction submittals, commissioning report, as built documents, proof of permit closure) to the SBD Representative and request an on-site verification.
  7. Allow access to the completed facility for on-site verification and, if selected, participate in measurement and evaluation studies pursuant to CPUC program evaluation requirements. The SBD Representative may request integrated design analysis reports, manufacturer’s specifications, equipment cut sheets, and incremental cost verification to verify the completed project matches the design that was proposed in the Agreement.

If the project is built as agreed and the project meets all program requirements, the incentive will be paid. If the as-built design differs from the one outlined in the Agreement, the incentive may be adjusted to reflect the revised, estimated building performance. If installation of the agreed-upon energy efficient equipment is initiated prior to the Utility’s execution of the Agreement, the Utility or the CPUC’s Energy Division (ED) may disqualify the project.

Construction must be substantially complete and program participants must submit all required documentation to the Utility within 48 months from the date of the Utility’s execution of the Agreement. If the project’s completion is delayed beyond the final date, the Agreement may be voided; if voided, the project may be eligible to reapply under the program guidelines in effect at that time. Subsequent eligibility would be considered on a case-by-case basis and would require Utility approval and execution of a new Incentive Agreement. At the Utility’s discretion, the original contract may be modified to allow for the completion of construction.

Funding is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. The Utility reserves the right to modify or discontinue this program without prior notice at its discretion, or by order of the CPUC. Projects are subject to CPUC approval, which can place execution of Incentive Agreements, on indefinite hold.

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