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Energy Efficiency Integration Awards (EEIA)

Energy Efficiency Integration Awards

Each year, the Energy Efficiency Integration Awards program acknowledges the extra time and effort it takes to successfully integrate architectural excellence and energy efficiency. This annual recognition program is sponsored by Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, San Diego Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas Company and Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

Resource efficiency, responsibility for the environment, human productivity, quality of life -- the well-designed building demonstrates how we can live within our environmental means.  The Savings By Design Energy Efficiency Integration Awards (EEIA) annually recognizes professionals who take a holistic approach to designing the environment:  one that meets the needs of the people using it while balancing architectural elegance with sustainability.  By going beyond minimum energy performance codes, these design teams have realized benefits, not only for their clients, but also for the building occupants and the public:

•    For the building owners – lower operating costs and higher property values

•    For the occupants – greater comfort, health, and productivity

•    For the public – cleaner air due to reduced power plant emissions

Of the design professionals entrusted with creating significant spaces, the EEIA winners achieve a rare combination of superlative design and creativity, environmental sensitivity, and innovative energy efficiency solutions.  Learn more from our EEIA winners below…

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