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Design Team

Financial incentives are available to design teams who make the extra effort when integrating energy efficiency with exceptional design.   The design team may qualify for incentives when the building design saves at least 10% and the owner agrees to participate in the program.   Other incentives for design teams are available.   Contact your utility representative early in the design process to see which options meet your needs. 

To encourage owners to invest in energy efficiency as a major goal in their new buildings, financial incentives are available to owners when the efficiency of their new building exceeds the minimum Savings By Design threshold (generally 10% better than Title 24 Energy Efficiency Standards). 

Design Team Incentives

Savings By Design encourages a team approach to the design of energy efficient buildings.   By working together to integrate the systems within a building, the design team  can more effectively design efficient facilities that may qualify for Design Team Incentives.  Encouraging teams to explore these higher levels of energy efficiency, these incentives  help offset some of the added costs resulting from investigating enhanced options, and promotes energy efficient features in a new construction projects.  To qualify for Design Team Incentives, the team uses the Whole Building Approach and a computer simulation model to optimize their design.

  • The model calculates the energy savings of the building compared to the Title 24 baseline.
  • The Design Team qualifies for incentives when the building design saves at least 10%.
  • Design Team incentives range from $0.033 - $0.13 per annualized kWh savings and $0.333 per annualized therm savings as the design becomes more efficient.
  • The maximum incentive per project is $50,000.

The Design Team will submit a summary report of one qualifying proposed integrated design.  

  • Projects exceeding Title 24 by at least 10% will receive Design Team Incentives upon construction completion and verification.  
  • Design teams submitting projects that perform at least 30% better than Title 24 are now eligible to receive 50% of the incentive upon utility acceptance of the proposed design.
  • The balance of the incentive will be paid upon construction completion and verification.

Savings By Design Design Team Incentives Chart



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