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Savings By Design (SBD) is Californiaʼs nonresidential new construction energy efficiency program, administered statewide and funded by Utility customers through the Public Purpose Programs surcharge applied to gas and electric services.

Participating utilities are:    

•    Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)
•    Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)
•    San Diego Gas And Electric (SDG&E)
•    Southern California Edison (SCE)
•    Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP)


Download the Savings By Design Program Handbook (.PDF 466 kB).

New for 2017 - (Last Revised January 20, 2017) 

This statewide approach offers the nonresidential building industry a multi-faceted program designed to consistently serve the needs of the building community throughout California.  Savings By Design encourages energy-efficient building design and construction practices, promoting the efficient use of energy by offering up-front design assistance supported by financial incentives based on project performance.

Benefits of Participation.  Projects participating in Savings By Design may receive services including design assistance, Owners Incentives, Design Team Incentives, and Energy Design Resources. Services begin in the project design phase and continue through construction completion. Design assistance can range from simple plan review and/or efficiency upgrade recommendations to complete computer simulation analysis comparing a number of alternative systems and integrated building design options. Financial incentives, to help offset increased design interaction and potential costs of construction, are available for projects that exceed thresholds established by the program.  Participation in the program brings additional benefits, such as reduced long-term operating costs, greater comfort, health and productivity for occupants, and conservation of natural resources and cleaner air due to avoided power generation

Designed for Nonresidential New Construction Projects.  Savings By Design targets the primary decision-makers in new construction and renovation/remodel projects: building Owners, developers, architects, engineers, designers, contractors, builders, and energy consultants. Savings By Design analyses provide detailed technical and financial assistance data that allows Owners and Design Teams to make informed decisions regarding energy efficiency features. The program serves commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers and utilizes the California Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24, Part 6) as a reference baseline for comparison. The program encourages and moves energy savings within projects to perform better than mandated by Title 24. Other industry standards may be used where appropriate to determine reference baselines for comparisons.

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